Friday, February 8, 2013

Never say never

These 3 cute words were used in the reborn James Bond movie starring Sean Connery when he reprised
his role in one last "fling" after passing over the baton to Roger Moore...and since then I tend to use
this catchy phrase ever so often ,from eating unhealthy food again to watching silly cowboy movies...
like they say ..nothing is forever..

I do intend to move on to the formal website but a few hiccups may mean a slight till then guess
all of you readers need to put up with me again albeit less frequently...

To all Chinese readers...Gong Xi Fa Cai and may the Snake bring  "THE " long awaited ( and I mean close to 2 decades ago ) stock market rally that will finally awake KLSE from the perpetual slumber.....

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swan song

Today marks the end of January 2013 or about 3 months from
the time I first started this blog site..Like they say ,all good things must come to an end..
Well,not exactly in that is more like "moving house " Effective from Feb 1 ,2013
all the new postings on the stock market can be viewed under the following website... the "general "market overview any subscriber to the forum
will also have access to a continuous "live" market readings and outlook of individual stocks
as the day progresses...Those who are keen to know more can contact Julie at 012-2009389
or email to

To those regular readers of this blogsite ,a big thank you for your support over the last few months
and may the best be with you always...

Monday, January 28, 2013

A dedication

When it comes to music ,I consider myself "lucky" ,having 3 kids who somehow keep me abreast of
the latest musicals acts and songs...My peers may know of the extremely well known ones like Taylor
Swift ,Justin Bieber,One Direction and the likes but the more exotic sounding ones like Swedish House Mafia and The Wanted may not be in their vocabulary...I have to admit even an oldie like me can latch on
this "peculiar " kind of music if repeatedly compelled to (ie frequent hearings via the car stereo ) during the daily drives bringing my teenage daughter to and from school every day..On the flip side I have managed to
convince her and my 2 other older sons to occasionally go back in time and give a listen to music of a different genre...good old music from the 70s and 80s when lip syncing was unheard of, lyrics and catchy melodies were a real part of a song and the distinct voice of each and every singer was immediately identifiable...Solo acts from Neil Diamond to Lobo and groups like Bee Gees and Chicago ruled the airwaves and many of us can still sing along to their songs even in current day karaoke sessions...

Personally ,the one singer who became my childhood idol and still is right up till today has to be the late country singer ,John Denver...It was through listening to his songs that I learned to play the guitar ,sing in public and best of all ...won my wife over.My "heartfelt " renderings of some of his songs like "Annie's song
and "Follow me " apparently melted her heart away 26 years back...No fancy candlelight dinners or exotic
holidays could have done better (not that I could afford those then ) .And for nature lovers,how could songs like "Rocky Mountain High" or "Whalebones And Crosses " not tug at your heart.When my dad passed on 2 years back at age 80 ,I could not think of a better farewell gift than singing "Perhaps Love " with just a guitar at his wake..really felt a deep connection with my dad  throughout the song.When John died in a plane crash in 1997 ,at around the time Princess Diana died in a car accident ,both my wife (who adored the Princess )     and I went through a mourning period lasting quite awhile ..each of us wondered then why such beautiful and
nice people had to be taken away so soon...each gave a positive impact to mankind but never lived long enough to fulfil their respective dreams...

Still...listening to my daughter humming to "Country Roads" on rare occasions never fails to lift my spirits...

It has been 15 years since you left us ,John...I feel so privileged to have seen you performed live in KL and may you rest in eternal peace and happiness ,wherever you are...

A lazy Monday

A really nice relaxing Monday afternoon...As far back as I can remember ,perhaps 45 years back ,I always
dreaded Mondays...for many many reasons..firstly it meant having to go back to school after a relaxing
weekend of sleeping in late ,watching television and catching up on hobbies like kite flying ,netting  fish
from the longkang (drain ) or just a simple get together amongst friends.In my case ,there was one other "major ' reason why I dreaded going back to school..I was a slow learner...had big problems with almost
every single subject in school from spelling to dictation to simple mathematics...somehow I could not
get the "pass" mark ie at least 5 out of 10 correct answers, and with that the punishment always included been whacked on the palm with a ruler and skipping half the recess time.Monday was also not a day I looked forward to in my early working years...As a junior executive ,and hence bottom of the management staff ranks ,you can sort of expect loads of "can I see you " hand written notes awaiting you the moment you
stepped into office..Of course I am certain this relatively "harsh " working environment would have all but
disappeared in recent an employer you would not "dare" try this stunt too frequently lest you end up without employees fairly quickly...

Now that I am self employed ,Mondays don't really make that much difference ..after all who cares whether
you present yourself or not on a working Monday.You can take Monday  or any day off for that matter but
that means your takings or income will diminish too..but that said it is different when the holiday is an
enforced one ,like don't feel guilty and it gives you a chance to spend quality time with the
family or friends ..or go kite flying,.....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A nation grieves

I extend my deepest condolences to the parents of William Yau. No words can
possibly describe the heart and gut wrenching pain the parents must be going through..The agony
and pain will surely bear upon them in immeasurable intensity and possibly consume them whole .As a parent
myself ,I share their pain and agony somewhat but no one except them can possibly fathom the
extreme grief and overwhelming sense of loss they must endure and live with to the end of time..How
such cruel fate could have befallen upon such a young and innocent child is beyond imagination. A child who
had so much much to live for in a supposedly "safe" country and not a war strife country elsewhere.Soon enough,the blame game will take centre stage and recriminations of all sorts will fly in every direction ,but ultimately none other than the parents of William and those who had suffered the same fate could know what it feels like to lose a child.Give his parents a break, don't judge nor berate them at a time like this..No sane
person .let alone a parent would wish for such a tragedy . All of us makes mistakes or blunders in life ,it is just that this particular one turned extremely tragic in a most cruel way ..Instead berate those low life
opportunists who try to cash in on someone's misfortune .I always wondered whether these 'low life"
half humans ever have a conscience built into their mental faculty..

On a personal level , I remember an incident in which my own son (he was about 6 years old then ) was nearly accosted by a stranger as he was walking along a passageway after leaving a toy shop.Been hyper
active he somehow ran ahead of me and fortunately and thank God for that ,I ran too ..,because just as I caught sight of my son, ,I saw a stranger literally backing off from him and quickly walking away..The stranger's look and gaze and the way he hurried off was in my opinion a give away to his possible bad intentions..I have always reminded myself how lucky I was then and till today make it a point to remind
friends and relatives never to take your child's safety for granted...of course that advice extends to all adults too nowadays ,sadly....

May William Yau's soul rest in peace..

Friday, January 25, 2013

Talk on Price Action Technique (PAT )

I will be giving a talk on the above trading technique
The talk is organised by Jupiter Securities and the
 details are as follows..

Date  : Jan 30, 2013 ( next Wednesday )
Time  : 6.30 to 8.30 pm
Venue : Subang Jaya office of Jupiter Securities
Contact : 03- 20709800 (Customer Services ) or email

Attendance is free .Those who are keen to learn more about intraday and short term trading
are strongly encouraged to come.PAT is also suitable for mid to long term investments.

Bear trap

Slowly but surely the market is inching closer to the long Lunar holiday break ahead...and
before that,  are the Thaipusam and City day breaks to the ears of all salaried
workers but may not necessarily be to those on daily wage or bosses of companies with high
overheads...And definitely not to the stock market generally ..Holding on to stock positions
especially open ones during long breaks is not everyone's cup of tea ,more so in times of
uncertainty .The ever looming national elections are always playing on everyone 's mind and with that
the inevitable worries over the market direction as the day draws fact there was a noticeable
drop in overall market volume today ,no thanks to the long weekend ahead...

Short term players should trade with the full knowledge that come early next week there would be
heavy delivery or due date of stocks bought early this week ..Unless broad market sentiment picks up,
the due date stock sale could further dampen the already cautious and jittery market especially among
2nd and 3rd liners,and nobody welcomes that...sometimes it may be prudent to sit out the whole
cycle altogether,hoping to latch on to "apparent" rebound counters too prematurely and make a quick buck
may backfire ...after all if everyone thinks along the same line,the 'rebound" may be short unless
you are familiar with the game ,might as well sit back ,watch and learn...