Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rising to the challenge

A simple conversation that revolves around the share market inevitably brings out
real life stories of easy money (rare nowadays ) and a suckers game (among the big losers )
Depending on who you hear from ,stories abound as to how one can outsmart the market and the other players by inference and conversely how the market swallowed them whole,lock stock and barrel..

Granted these are not easy days where all you have to do is to buy on some weird rumour and hope to
cash in big a few hours later there are still lots of money making opportunities ,if only one knows how..
The advent of  internet trading and the coming of age of Gen Y players have resulted in a paradigm
shift in share investing and trading...There is a distinct preference for a shorter time holding period
,probably in line with the younger generation's belief in quicker returns ...patience is sometimes not
inherent in their game plan...unfortunately though this lack of patience may sometimes backfire ..some
play into the hands of share operators ,others lose their sense of affordability and gamble big with little
homework done and more often than not lose their hard earned savings fairly quickly...

The New Year will provide new challenges or obstacles and depending on how you view it ,there are lots
of chances for respectable returns over the mid term..If one is new to the game or lack the resources to
learn the intricacies of the share market ,perhaps a preferred option to trading or investing would be
to seek out a knowledgeable remisier or dealer rather than going in alone trough on line trading..After
all with the low brokerage cost environment the cost differential is not significant..the headache or
heartache resulting from ill advised stock purchases or sales may far outweighed the negligible savings
from a DIY type entry...Not to be ignored too is the time tested homework like stock research,chart
pattern analysis and ongoing news development ranging from politics to macro and micro economics...
after all if share price movement is a summation of all things under the sun how can one possibly
leave out any single variable and then claim to have mastered the art of trading or investing...

May 2013 turn out to be the best yet...

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