Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tragedy of the worst and most heart breaking kind. 

Just when all of us thought we could perhaps take a step back and look forward
to winding down in preparations for the Christmas and New Year season and not
focus and lament upon the not so inspiring year for stocks we were startled from 
our dull senses on an extremely tragic news ....the massacre at Sandy Hook
elementary school on the other side of the world...As a parent myself ,I can feel
the tremendous grief and pain cruelly inflicted on so many loved ones words of
comfort can possibly lessen the pain of the parents,relatives and friends on the loss of lives of such beautiful kids..such senseless killings even surpass that of those you watch
on some horror channels...why any human being no matter how unwell could have resorted to such cruelty is beyond my comprehension...

My thoughts go out to all those who are directly or indirectly related to those children...
The lives destroyed by this mad incident go far beyond the children and teachers who died...parents ,relatives classmates ,friends may have their mental state of mind damaged
beyond redemption if not properly and carefully managed in the coming days and months..

As always the blame game will start with a bang but will surely drop to a whimper like all  past incidents...and the status quo on gun control and so forth will likely remain..

Lesser beings like some of us can only watch with despair at how helpless we are in trying 
to make this world a safer place to live..

In perspective ,perhaps we should not over react to our losses ,especially of a financial
nature ,say from bad stock trades...After all it is like complaining that we have no shoes
to wear to those without legs....

Hope you are having a good weekend...

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